Working in COVID Times

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Preventing the
Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has greatly impacted the way we engage, the way we work and the face of business as we know it. What initially started as a localised health crisis has crystallised into a global economic issue.

As governments begin to relax curfews, economies continue to reopen globally and offices begin to resume regular work, new measures must be put in place to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19 within the working environment. 

We know it is very essential to have the right information in this period of time. Likewise, it is crucial to take the right actions to prevent the further spread of the disease.

Access these 3 Free guides to create a COVID-proof work environment and
maintain optimal productivity in your business organisation.

Module 1

A Rational Guide for Returning to the Post-COVID 19 Workplace for Employers

In this module, you would learn:

  • When it is permissible to reenter the office

  • What to do before reentering

    • Create workplace area guidelines

    • Rethinking the physical setup

    • Infrastructure and technology enhancements

  • Processes and procedures for reentering

    • Employee screening 

    • Staggered scheduling

    • Rebuilding workplace morale

Module 2

Sweats to Suits:
A Common Sense, Practical Guide for Employees Returning to the Post COVID

This module explores exactly
what the title says!

Module 3

New Office, New Obstacles:
Navigating the WFH’s WTHs 

(Work from Home’s What the Hecks)

Not everybody will return to the office, some will continue with the new normal of working from home. This module consists of a series of fun Q&A scenarios involving potential Work from Home’s What the Hecks distractions.

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