Assessment Centre Has Been Reported To Have A Higher Predictive Validity Than Many Other Selection Tools

It provides an opportunity for candidates to simulate the work setting based on competencies that are required for success in the role. But there’s a huge problem.

Conducting a physical assessment centre seems to be a herculean task.

First, you have to find a suitable location.
…Then, you will need to battle with health and safety measures amidst the insidious Covid-19 pandemic.
…Also, you have to deal with the administrative tasks involved in Physical Assessment Centre that requires more time and effort than the actual candidate assessment.
Why in the world should you go through this?

There’s An Easier Way!

A way that allows you to conduct assessments choose and hire the right candidate without all the headaches that come from running a physical assessment centre.
…An option that lets you find top talents, where most of the heavy lifting is done by well-trained, certified, and highly competent recruiters with the network and requisite expertise in sourcing for talent for hard-to-fill roles.
…A way that costs less than running a physical assessment centre on your own, while also helping you avoid the cost of recruitment mistakes.
Imagine, finding and assessing talents fast without stressing out over all the other complicated steps.
With little time and effort, you can find the talent you need quickly and easily.
If that sounds like something that you want, let us introduce you to…

Workforce Resourcing
Virtual Assessment Centre Platform

What you’ve read above is what you can expect once you start using our platform.
As you can see, it’s the absolute easiest way for you to assess and select the right candidate for the right role.
When you use our platform, we will help your business to:

Find The Perfect Candidate
For Your Business

We clearly understand the importance and benefits of having assessment exercises that closely reflect your organization-specific challenges and environment. This is why you have access to a variety of exercise types, such as:

Our assessment exercises are business simulations that have been carefully created to elicit related behavioural evidence of job-related competencies.
It will give the candidate better insight into the role as they are tested on practical exercises, which are the typical daily tasks they will be expected to deliver on the job.
Plus, it also allows you to assess and differentiate between candidates who seem very similar on paper.
In case you’re wondering where you will get your valid and reliable assessment centre tools… no worries. We can help you with that, too!

Hiring Is Hard – We Make It Simple

Sometimes you get it right, but occasionally you hire the wrong candidate who doesn’t fit the role.
There are no set-in-stone rules for choosing the perfect candidate.
And let’s face it, most of the time, you could only rely upon your gut instinct.
The fortunate thing is, it no longer has to be that way.
When you choose our virtual assessment centre platform, you’ll have a simple process that allows you to assess, select and hire the right candidate with ease.
You can rely on our well-trained, certified, and highly competent recruiters, our rigorous recruitment progress, our process, and our technology to help you choose the perfect candidate.
You don’t have to take the assessment centre out of your selection process because we have simplified it for you!

Here’s How It Works

Schedule your consultation to let us know what you’re trying to achieve in terms of your assessment and development centre

We’ll work with you to co-create a fit-for-purpose virtual assessment and development centre solution that meets your need

Get the results.

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