Train The Internal Trainer

A 3-day Train-the-Trainer Certification Programme
for Thought Leaders,
Subject Matter Experts, Coaches,
Trainers and Non-trainers who train.

24th – 26th March 2020   |   N220,000   |   The Zone

To stay competitive and productive, high-performing individuals and organisations need ongoing, results-driven
training focused on building their capacity to deliver on their strategic goals and objectives.

However, for training to help achieve these objectives, new trainers & seasoned professionals must possess
practical skills and up-to-date training strategies and tools to design & deliver
effective results-focused training programmes.

In this three-day train-the-trainer certification programme, participants will learn about the latest methodologies and
technologies to
improve their training skills, sharpen their competencies in determining the learners’ needs
and deliver world-class, outcome-based learning experiences.


24th – 26th March 2020


The Zone 



10% discount for early registration – on or before 17th March, 2020

20% discount for 3 or more nominations from same organisation

Programme Objectives

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:
  • Identify and apply the stages of a training cycle.
  • Understand and apply best procedures to determine training needs, learner requirements and objectives
  • Develop appraisable learning outcomes
  • Adopt and demonstrate proven adult learning best practices to initiate a positive learning ambience, considering diversity in participants’ behaviors
  • Understand and apply the best approaches to ideal training delivery and learning evaluation using the five phases of impact evaluation
  • Design participant-centred learning strategies, materials, aids and activities to enhance desired learning outcomes
  • Effectively facilitate training, utilising probing techniques and leveraging technology to drive engagement
  • Identify and apply techniques and systems to drive beyond-the-training learning 
  • Understand and strategically manage difficult training situations

Who should attend?

Thought Leaders

Subject Matter Experts


New and experienced trainers

Organizational learning Professionals

Non-trainers who train

Instructional designers

As a participant, you will:

Fully understand the application of adult learning principles to drive learners engagement

Acquire skills for conducting needs assessment, designing training aims and measuring training impact

Understand and demonstrate result-focused training methods to engage a diversity of learning patterns, initiate an effective learning atmosphere, leveraging strategic probing techniques, and handle training challenges

Develop capabilities for designing and developing engaging learner-centered training solutions

Gain insights on professional development opportunities through pre-course and post-course self-evaluation

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  • Leverage your expertise
  • Build the career you love
  • and achieve your full potential

This programme will be of immense benefit to professionals in Learning and Development,
corporate trainers, instructional designers as well as anyone
with a responsibility for developing others.

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