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Finding, hiring and keeping the right tech talent is a difficult, time consuming and failure prone activity.

With the collapse of the education system, coupled with the fact that several organisations, both local and international, are vying for the same shrinking pool of tech talent. It is no wonder tech business executives like you are frustrated with the speed to hire, quality of available tech talent and the difficulty of stopping the competition from cherry-picking your star tech talents.

To make matters worse, while most HR functions excel at sourcing for other vacant roles within an organisation, they struggle when it comes to supporting the technology division in the area of sourcing for and retaining top tech talent.

As a firm that combines HR and Technology capabilities, we understand how unacceptable it is for you not to be able to take your technology solution to the market before your competitors.

We can partner with you to create a pool of pre-screened, high quality and proven tech talent.

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Our Tech Recruitment Offerings

Seasoned Software Engineers with expertise across various technologies.

Experienced UI, UX, Visual and Interaction Designers, Animators and more.

Project Managers
Digital and Technical Project Managers with expertise in a wide range of PM tools and frameworks.

Product Managers
Digital Product Managers with expertise in numerous industries like banking, e-commerce, telecommunications and more.

What Makes Us Different.

Our Track

For over 15 years as a recruitment agency, we have been helping organisations find, select and hire the right people for their business needs.

Our Recruiters 

We have well-trained, certified and highly competent recruiters with the network and requisite expertise in sourcing for talent for hard-to-fill roles.

Our Rigorous Recruitment Process

Our hiring process is very rigorous to ensure only top-quality talents are identified and shortlisted for your vacant roles.

Our Database of Talents

Over the years as a recruitment agency in Nigeria, we have established a strong network of top talents and we have an extensive database containing a vast pool of great candidates that we can deploy on your hiring project.

Our Professionalism

As recruitment professionals, we understand that when quality matters, quantity can never be an effective substitute so we leave nothing to chance in ensuring we source for only the best quality candidates for your organisation.

Our Technology

We leverage technology to ensure that the recruitment process is effectively and efficiently managed to produce the desired outcome.

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What some of
our clients have
to say.

Top Talent Graduate Trainee Programme reduced my turnaround time and saved me from going through the whole recruitment process again.

Talent Acquisition Head for West Africa

Cadbury Plc

The way Workforce Group handled the recruitment for our graduate trainees was different from the norm. They were quite thorough with their processes.

Manager, HR Shared Services

Honeywell Flour Mill Plc

Workforce’s Top Talent graduate trainee service exceeded my expectation with the quality of the graduates and the fantastic process deployed to get them.

Regional Team Recruitment Manager, Central West Africa Region

Nestle Nigeria Plc

The period Workforce Group used in incubating was worth it – especially because of the brilliant, sharp and insightful candidates we got from the engagement.

Head Recruitment

Unity Bank Plc

The processes Workforce Group used in assessing the fresh graduates allowed them to determine the competencies the candidates had and their relevance and relativity to our business needs and objectives.

Team Lead OD HR Strategy

Sterling Bank Plc

We partnered with Workforce Group to gain access to the brightest and best talents, and we have been much impressed by the quality of the candidates they sourced, assessed and recruited for us.

Recruitment Team Manager

Guarantee Trust Bank Plc

5 Questions to Answer If You Must
Attract and Retain the Right
Tech Talents

Since the phrase 'war for talent' was coined by McKinsey in 1993, the war has neither come to an end nor is there an end in sight

Although this war is being fought across different functional areas of an organisation, information and technology vacancies are often the hardest to fill. According to an Indeed survey, 9 out of 10 organisations find it hard to recruit tech employees.

Perhaps, this is due to the constant change and innovation experienced in these areas. It could also be due to the ability of the duo to underlie virtually all other functions in an organisation.

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Don't let your organisation fail because
you fell behind the technology curve.

Intense competition for the best Tech Talent in the job market coupled with high attrition rate and poor hiring processes will cost you money if you're not careful. Worse yet, doing nothing to improve your team will leave your current employees overwhelmed and overworked, causing them to go to the competition or staying and making you wish they'd just quit.

You shouldn't have to miss out on opportunities, lose to the competition and fail to achieve your business goals and objectives because you cannot find and hire the right Technology Talent for your business.

Through our Tech Talent Recruitment, we have helped several organisations find, screen and hire the best tech talent for their businesses. Don't get left behind. Schedule a consultation today.

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