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Decrease time to market and better invest your resources by leveraging cutting-edge technologies?

Eliminate inefficiencies by optimizing your personnel management and HR administration?

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Outsource your non-core people, projects, and processes to us.

People Outsourcing Services

we-outsource-highly-skilled-sales-and-digital-marketing-staff Sales and Digital Marketing Force Outsourcing

Stop worrying about your profit margin. Our highly-skilled digital marketers and experienced salespeople will support you with effective solutions that increase your profits.

we-outsource-operations-and-administrative staff-to-organizations Operations and Administrative Staff Outsourcing

Save your business from legal and monetary risks. We will help you select the right team that matches your business demand, manage their payroll and provide replacements while you focus on your business.

we-outsource-information-technology-staff-to-companies Information Technology Staff Outsourcing

Reduce your overhead costs - outsource your administrative work to us. Our integrated ATS and HRM solution gives you real-time access to the admin staff, enabling you to make requests and generate reports quickly.

we-outsource-experienced-and-senior-staff-to-companies Experienced/ Senior Staff Outsourcing

Gain the benefits of a lean and efficient workforce. Leverage our cross-industry experience to recruit and manage the right senior team for your organisation.

Process Outsourcing Services


Payroll Management

Ensure your staff are paid on time and all statutory remittances made when due. We guarantee compliance with all the applicable laws and ensure strict and timely remittances are adhered to while enhancing your profitability.


One-off Recruitment and Placement Outsourcing

Focus on your business while we deliver the talent. We will source and screen for the right people who will deliver the right results for your organisation, ensuring your daily operations continue uninterrupted.

outsource-your-human-resource-functions-to-Workforce-Group HR Process Outsourcing

As an HR consulting firm, we have in-depth industry expertise and experience in delivering value through our HR Business Process Outsourcing capabilities. Our services cut across recruitment, talent development, welfare management, performance management and payroll services.

outsource-your-business-value-management-to-us Value Management

Stay competitive in the marketplace. We will equip you with the business intelligence solutions and advisory support to make the most cost-effective business decisions - at every project phase from strategy to implementation.

The most time-efficient, low-cost and hassle-free way
to manage your field staff, and off-site activities.
Your all-in-one solution for hiring top talent
and managing your existing teamsp
An affordable and easy-to-implement
Learning Management System to develop your employees.

What Makes Us Different.

Quality of Outsourced Employees

We take the extra effort and time to ensure that you have the best quality people that are ideal for your unique business context. We achieve this through our rigorous identification, assessment, selection and onboarding procedures.

Turnaround Time of Deploying Staff

With 15+ years of experience as an HR outsourcing company in Nigeria, and 7000+ outsourced staff in various organisations, you can count on us to recruit and manage your people, projects, and processes to give you the business edge over the competition.

our-outsourcing-service-is-of-the-highest-operational efficiency-and-effectiveness
Operational Efficiency
and Effectiveness

We are very responsive and reliable. Others may promise quick execution, but when you need it done right and on time, we are your best available option. You can relax knowing your outsourcing projects are in the right hands.

Reliable Service Delivery

We function as a vital partner to you, ensuring that our core staff operate as members of your team. When it comes to talent performance management, development and engagement, we effectively manage associate staff so you can derive maximum value from your outsourcing project.

Risk Management and Compliance

Our extensive experience positions us to anticipate and better manage your outsourcing related risks. We pay close attention to details and ensure that as a reputable company, we comply with all the elements of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Innovation and Technology

We leverage the latest technology and world-class processes to deliver successful, seamless, and scalable outsourcing solutions to you. Our outsourcing product, OUTWORK, keeps you ahead of a constantly evolving marketplace.

What some of our
clients have to say.

Two years post launch of our Direct Sales Scheme; we are quite impressed with Workforce Group’s contribution and experience in the management of the staff, which has contributed in no small part to the success. Before commencement, we were on the lookout for an Outsourcing Service Provider that would take time to understand, our business and our unique needs, and most especially our geographical challenges. We were equally concerned about the quality of support, turnaround time, attention to detail and compliance with our SLA. Workforce Group was able to meet our high expectations and have played an integral role in supporting the Retail and SME sales drive of the bank.

Olufunwa Akinmade

Olufunwa Akinmade

Group Head, Retail and SME Banking, Unity Bank

Workforce successfully recruited, trained and seconded professionals to work in our organisation. They provided the desired support, consistently meeting our Service Level Agreement and maintaining pre-agreed standards of staff quality. Their representatives are very amicable yet highly professional and are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver results.

Daniel Okoli

Head, HR Operations Fidelity Bank
Is Outsourcing Right For Your Company?

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Today

Outsourcing has rapidly gained prominence in recent years, and the question of whether to outsource some aspects of your business is one that most CEOs constantly debate.

However, the critical question to ask is not whether to outsource or not . Instead, it should be - is outsourcing the ideal solution to your business problems? When and why should you begin to consider outsourcing as an option for your business?

Click the button below to download the full brochure for four reasons why you need to outsource.

We Get It, Outsourcing Can Be Scary

Loss of control, poor work quality, subpar results and more – can all lead to risks to your reputation, profit margin and regulatory compliance.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

As an outsourcing company, we know what it feels like when you entrust an aspect of your business to a provider that lets you down. We know how frustrating it is to lose control over how your critical work gets done. We know how disruptive it can be to experience service delivery failure from your service provider which ends up affecting your customers.

This is why we deliver reliable, value-driven and sustainable people, project and process outsourcing solutions that support your business strategy and growth.

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