Leverage Internal Expertise to drive organisational performance and growth with the Train The Internal Trainer (TTIT) Model.

Leverage our Train the Internal Trainer (TTIT) model!
Equip your Internal Subject Matter Experts to boost knowledge transfer, improve employee productivity, save cost and ensure business continuity.

Have you thought about what would happen to your organisation when the top performers, who are highly skilled at what they do retire or leave the organisation?
Have you been thinking of how to identify, develop and leverage internal talent and capabilities to fill your developmental needs?
Or do you find it challenging to equip your internal experts with the skills and confidence required to be effective trainers?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Train the Internal Trainer Model could be the best next step for your organisation.

Here’s why:
Let’s consider this…
You have identified skill gaps of your employees and you need to identify a trainer/facilitator who has the knowledge and skills to address these gaps.
But…. the gaps you identified are peculiar to your organisation, and your external trainer may not be able to contextualise their knowledge to the unique needs of your workforce.

Look Inward!

Your organisation has Subject Matter Experts, who have worked for several years (or perhaps decades.)
They are trusted experts in their fields.
They have gathered so much experience.
And they adequately understand your organisation’s internal realities and context

So, they have the expertise, skills and knowledge required to become your internal trainers.

Imagine upskilling your talent faster, evaluating learning transfer through work done, conducting follow-up training and building an effective succession plan without stressing out or demanding a huge training budget.
With less time and effort, you can easily build a high performance learning culture.
If that sounds like something you want, let us introduce you to…

Our Train the Internal Trainer model

Train the Internal Trainer (TTIT) model is designed to support you with the tools, frameworks and result-focused processes you need to identify, develop and leverage your internal talent, capabilities and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to fill employee developmental gaps, as well as institutionalising your organisational knowledge.
With our TTIT model, you can monitor the end-to-end development process: From analysing learning needs, identifying internal expertise, preserving organisational knowledge, matching learners to internal experts, to effectively and sustainably measuring the impact of learning.

Use our Train the Internal Trainer model Today!

How it Works
When you sign up to our model, we will support you in:

Talent development is complex –
We make it simple

Sometimes you get it right, but occasionally you approve the wrong learning intervention that doesn’t address identified skill gaps.
Fortunately, it no longer has to be that way.
When you choose our train the trainer model, you’ll have a simple process that allows you to deliver cost-effective and impactful learning solutions with ease.
You can rely on our result-focused, well-researched, technology-driven, thorough and highly competent approach to equip your internal experts.

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When you sign up today, you immediately get 50% discount off the SMEs training session
You’ll also get one of the following when you use our TTIT model and register at least 20 SMEs for the training session:

Sounds good?

However, you need to act fast. Today, in fact.
This fantastic offer is only available till 30th of November, 2020.

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