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How do you improve leadership capabilities across your organisation? FLIGBY teaches you how to create the right workplace culture, immerse employees in their activities, boost productivity and positively impact your organisation’s bottom line by assessing 29 leadership competencies in a fun, practical and engaging way.

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If You face one or more of the situations above, you need to rethink your approach to leadership development. You should adopt a practical, simulation approach to evaluating and developing your leaders such as FLIGBY.
Research shows that 90% of organisations invest in leadership development programmes, but less than half of these organisations see tangible proofs from these programmes. Now, should you stop investing in leadership development programmes due to this?The answer is No!

Because it takes great leaders to translate the “big picture” and strategy into real success. 

The problem is that you may not be using the most effective leadership development strategy. Developing leaders requires a practical approach that will equip them to meet current responsibilities as well as future challenges. However, most leadership development initiatives are often overly analytical, very theoretical, and do not assess core leadership competencies.

And this impacts your organisation as…

78% of employees report that what they like least about their jobs are their leaders, and as much as 32% of involuntary employee turnover is traceable to poor leadership and management skills. Today’s fast-paced environment demands that you have managers with excellent leadership skills and also create a robust leadership pipeline for the future. Having sub-par leaders negatively impacts your employee engagement, productivity, customer satisfaction and ultimately, the business bottom line.

But we understand your leaders…

Being the right leader is a complex and challenging task. You have to communicate and propel everyone to achieve their goals, create a state of harmony and co-operation in a team weakened by internal conflicts and at the same time, make decisions concerning strategic questions of the future of the company.

And that’s why we are introducing…

FLIGBY leadership simulation.

FLIGBY gives your managers practical steps on how to evolve into leaders who can effectively create a positive work environment.

What you’ll experience:

What you’ll experience:

Though leadership skills can be taught, at Workforce Group, we adopt a simulation gaming approach and platform to provide experiential knowledge, practice and insights to leaders in a world where there are principles, but still no easy formula to apply to every situation.
FLIGBY creates a platform to build and strengthen the confidence of leaders and enable them to make a realistic assessment of self and team.
Making the shift from average to outstanding leadership is possible… it just takes FLIGBY.

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