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Cost-Effectively Develop Employees in
Crucial Functions Across Your Organisation.

Learning budget keeps shrinking…

Except you have a large corporate academy and a very huge budget, most of the learning within your organisation is
oftentimes fragmented and unlikely to achieve sustainable business results.

With our Corporate Learning Partnership Programme, we are an extension of your HR Department.

Our well-packaged bouquet of 30 high-quality business-enabling & outcome-focused programmes provide an opportunity to
cost-effectively develop employees in crucial functions across your organisation

How It Works

CLPP ensures your Learning & Development interventions are balanced,
cross-functional and focused on areas of high impact
Sign up for CLPP

Signing up is like having a learning extension for your HR Department, without the associated costs.

Assess Your Learning Needs

We’ll have a strategy session to identify and assess the skills and competencies gap among employees in your crucial functions

Nominate Employees

Choose as many as 40 employees to participate in 30 high quality, well-designed learning programmes organisation

Achieve your Training Objectives

Meet cross-functional learning needs across your entire organisation, cost-effectively in a results-focused manner


The selected training programmes will be highly practical and focused on covering
identified gaps in the nine (9) critical function areas of an organisation

Workplace Effectiveness



Sales & Marketing



Human Resources

General Management

Tech, Innovation & Enterpreneurship


How will the Programmes be delivered?

Our programmes are highly practical, full of highly contextual business case studies and scenario building activities. The method of facilitation is highly engaging, interactive, practice-based and application-focused.

When will the Programmes be delivered?

All our 30 high-quality programmes will be delivered in both halves of the year, enabling those who miss any of the sessions, participate in the next session when it is repeated in the next half of the year.

What’s the difference between CLPP and Open Programmes?

CLPP is a bundled package of the training programmes made available at a discounted fee as a result of the bulk subscription. It also comes packed with discounted employee management initiatives. While open programmes are for non-CLPP subscribers, purchased per unit and don’t have the discounts/benefits attached to CLPP.

What would I gain from signing up for CLPP?

Comes with a dedicated account manager, complementary LMS with 24 loaded courses, Complementary Team Building session, Complementary 1 day Strategy Session, 20% Discount on training/meeting/studio facilities, Exclusive access to *Top Talent Graduate Trainee Day, Discounted rates on All-day HR, Priority access to events and conferences.

Do you offer customized programmes?

We also co-create customised learning and development solutions designed to build unique competencies, skills and behaviours that drive business performance and achieve maximum organisational impact. Send us a mail at learning@workforcegroup.com

I have more questions!

Please send a mail to learning@workforcegroup.com. We are here to support your needs.


Business Management

We help your delegates gain a firm grasp of general business management practices, in-depth knowledge of key concepts and insights into evolving business trends & global business strategy. By empowering your managers to lead exceptionally, adopt innovative decision-making skills and learn strategies and techniques for successful negotiations; you attain commercial success.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Equip your HR leaders with core competencies – to align HR strategy with corporate strategy, develop core business competencies, optimise employee productivity, lead organisational change initiatives and talent management – to deliver sustainable business results.


Our induction training programmes proactively engage your new employees (both experienced and fresh graduates), adjusting them into the organisation’s culture and business fundamentals. By designing and delivering best-in-class induction programmes, we ensure your inductees have a high probability of success and prepare them to contribute at the desired level – immediately.

Sales, Marketing, and Business
Development Programmes

Our research-based training solutions help you improve business performance in all areas of marketing and sales – from innovation and product development to effective pricing strategies and sales analytics. We deploy the latest thinking to grow your bottom line in this customer-centric world.

Customer Success

We train your customer-centric workforce, to leverage service as a business differentiator, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction, retention and profitability. Our application-focused programmes provide practical guides for meeting the needs and expectations of customers as well as securing employee buy-in.

Finance & Account

We help participants develop a deep understanding of corporate finance strategies and widely used financial tools. Your employees become upskilled in the financial aspects of their roles and gain the capacity to make valuable financial decisions.

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