For experts in any field who’d like to earn more, have more, reach farther, and take their career to the next level of success…

Join Our Certified Recruiter Pool! Use Your Expertise, Experience,
And Network To Create Wealth And Build A Future You Love.

Join Our Certified Recruiter Pool! Use Your Expertise, Experience, And Network To Create Wealth And Build A Future You Love.

Have you invested a lot in gaining your experience, education, and expertise, yet you feel deeply unfulfilled and frustrated that you aren’t where you need to be in your career? With your finances? Your influence in your industry and society at large?

If you answered yes to any of the three questions above, then joining our certified recruiter pool could be the best next step in your career.

Here’s why:

Let’s consider this…

If you’re a subject-matter expert, you have already worked for several years (or perhaps, several decades.

You’re a trusted expert in your field.

You have gathered so much experience.

And you have a network of highly qualified professionals.

You have all it takes to become a recruiter.

So, if you feel like you’re not making as much as it should, maybe it’s time to leverage all your resources to create impact and leave a financial legacy behind for future generations.

You have all you need to get to the next level; all that’s left is an action to do that.

Become A Certified
Recruiter Today!

If you’re interested in joining our certified recruiter pool, we’d like to invite you to sign up for our recruiter certification programme.

It’s a certification programme that teaches the technical know-how of recruitment and selection process leveraging Workforce Group over 16 years experience and talent acquisition methods from industry leaders.

The programme also comes with a free copy of ‘Hiring Right Book’, which shows you the proven steps to help your clients find the right candidate that perfectly fits their needs.

Plus, it hands you the very same resources and tools that experienced recruiters use for making the right hiring decisions.

In other words, rather than investing thousands of dollars and literally years of your own time into figuring this stuff on your own, you’ll immediately get what you need to make your clients satisfied with the talents you bring to them.

It’s a shortcut to becoming an expert recruiter.

…And You Can Join The Certification Program For Absolutely FREE!

That’s right!

Once you qualify as a legitimate subject-matter expert on our recruitment platform, you can be one of five lucky people who will gain free access to our upcoming Recruiter certification programme.

And when you get your certification, you can immediately work with us to execute recruitment projects for organisations in need of recruiters and start building your recruitment career.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

Send your application and qualify to participate in a raffle draw where five lucky participants will gain FREE access to our upcoming Recruiter certification program.

Go through the certification program.
Once you’ve received your
certification, you can start taking up
recruitment projects.

Our Recruitment Platform Will Help You Grow Your Recruitment Career Fast

Recruitzen is a technology solution designed with all the tools and resources required to start and complete a recruitment exercise.
It’s an advanced recruitment technology that not only allows for easy access to your target market but also creates an ecosystem that facilitates top talent recruitment.
Once you become one of our certified recruiters, you can immediately use our platform to:
–     Shortlist Candidates
–     Assess Candidates
–     Schedule and Conduct Interviews
–     Select Candidate
–     Prepare reports

This is how our certified recruiters help clients find the right candidates fast, and with results that make all the clients feel completely satisfied.
And that’s not all…

We’ll Also Help You Attract Clients!

On Recruitzen, all of our certified recruiters get a webpage that’s specifically designed to get them connected with clients’ projects quickly and easily.
You’ll get a unique URL to build a personal brand, and a webpage that comes with simple, drag and drop tools, so you can design the website to your liking without breaking your neck with complicated tech stuff.
Plus, you’ll also have access to the following:
– A professionally designed and visually appealing webpage, so you don’t need to create your web presence from scratch.
– Access to work for various clients to earn extra income and promote your services and expertise
– A link you can embed on your various social media platforms for easy accessibility

Is This Right For You?

Frankly, being a recruiter is NOT for everyone.
Here’s how to tell if you’d love being a recruiter and achieve success in your new career path:
You love bringing people together. Once you become a recruiter, you’ll constantly bring people together.
You want to create a positive impact on other people’s lives. Yes, you’d be helping people to work in a role they’re really passionate about.
You’re the kind of person who quickly becomes bored with repetitive daily tasks. When you become a recruiter, you’ll be dealing with new people, a new role, and new deadlines every day. No two days are the same.
You want more freedom. You are provided with the freedom to manage your daily tasks however you see fit. And with our platform, most of your work could be done from your computer, so you can work from anywhere.
You want measurable success. In recruitment, you’re working to hit your goals. You can easily see how well you’re doing, and it could be very satisfying when you hit and exceed your goals.

If you’re saying “Yes, that’s definitely me!” to at least two or three points above, then being a recruiter could be the right role for you.

Here’s What We Offer To You Once You
Join Our Certified Recruiter Pool…


We offer you the job flexibility you desire. Once you have established your targets, how you reach them is entirely up to you.

Free Website

As a recruiter, you get the visibility you need to publicise your jobs easily and attract potential candidates.

Extra Income

Recruiters get to diversify their income by earning after completing recruitment projects.


Only certified recruiters get to take up recruitment projects.

Applicant Tracking System

Easily monitor every stage of the recruitment process

Faster Completion Rate of
Recruitment Projects.

Through an automated hiring process in an end-to-end recruitment portal, recruitment projects can be completed in a faster manner.

What To Do If You’re Interested?

If you’re interested in joining us and our unique offer, send us your application, so you can participate in a raffle draw where five lucky participants will gain free access to our upcoming recruiter certification program.
This offer only available TODAY.
If you pass up on this offer today, you won’t see it again anytime soon.
So get started now or risk missing out completely.

Get a Free Quote Today!

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