Employee Selection Process: 5 Ways to Eliminate Guesswork

The employee selection process of an organisation determines the quality of its people. All over the world, it’s an unarguable phenomenon that a company is only as successful as the sum of the knowledge, skills, competencies, and capabilities of its employees.


The Employee Selection Process

Adopting a random recruitment strategy where candidates are selected on impulse or without the step-by-step process of an assessment centre does no good for an organisation either in the long-term or short-term.

This danger is perceptible in many cases of failed organisations whose mission were put into jeopardy as a result of a wrong hire or incompetent executive.


Ways to Eliminate Guesswork While Selecting Employees

According to a 2018 study of global recruitment trends, 5 techniques have emerged to replace the traditional way of selecting talents. They are:


Soft Skills Assessments

Non-technical skills are just as important as technical skills in today’s far more complex work environment. People who possess soft skills such as emotional intelligence, initiative, teamwork, critical thinking and good communication are quicker to adapt and get along better with others in the workplace. Assessment tests suitable to determine soft skills include interviews, reference checks, and job-fit tests.


Job Auditions

With an increasingly demanding business world comes the need to ensure the candidates picked are a good fit for the context and culture of an organisation. Some organisations adopt competitive exercises where the best performing talents are hired while others opt to have potential hires experience a day or offer them temporary employment in the company to enable them to assess these candidates accurately.


Meeting in Casual Settings

The psychological effect of being in a standard work environment can often prevent candidates from displaying certain aspects of their personality. For senior or critical roles, in particular, it’s advisable to schedule an informal meeting outside the four walls of the organisation. A lunch date or breakfast meeting will reveal the hidden qualities (or flaws) of the candidate, thereby helping the organisation decide whether they are a good fit or not.


Virtual Reality Assessments

In a tech-inclined, hyper-connected world, virtual reality assessments are the latest tools deployed to select qualified talents for recruitment. Applicants can take tests and assessments virtually while also getting the chance to view the company they are applying to.


Video Interviews

Video interviews are one of the new frontiers for organisations who want to streamline their recruitment process; using videos to conduct interview assessments. They are structured; giving each candidate an equal chance to showcase their skills and knowledge by answering the same set of questions. They can also serve as an option for job seekers who stay in distant locations and are unable to make a physical presence.

Underlying these techniques is the ability to identify the behaviours that align with the success profile an individual is being considered for.

People selection should, therefore, be a careful, deliberate and painstaking process that ensures only the very best fit, based on all parameters, make it into or are retained by the organisation.


A Closer Look at the Hiring Challenge

The challenge of hiring or promoting right is not just a question of the knowledge of the existence of the techniques above, it is also in the dedication to the rigours and processes that guarantee that only the right talent is hired.

Many organisations neither have the manpower nor the time and techniques required to meet the standards of the 21st-century assessment and hiring process.

But there’s good news! Workforce Recruitment and Assessment can take the headache off you. We can help with your employee selection process.


The Workforce Group Recruitment and Assessment Solution


With the competencies we have developed and deployed over the past 15 years which gives us a clearer view of talent and capability, we have earned a reputation as the one-stop shop for end-to-end recruitment and assessment services that support all phases of the talent acquisition lifecycle.

Clients who have engaged our services have given feedback that they have:


  • Been more accurate with their staff recruitment
  • Drastically cut down the turnaround time of selecting the right candidates
  • Justified their recruitment cost significantly
  • Ultimately experienced better employee productivity

Through our array of recruitment and assessment services, we provide support which guarantees that you get the best crop of talents available in the market.

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