6 Reasons to Change your Outsourcing Vendor

An outsourcing vendor should complement the services offered by your organisation. They should take the stress of handling areas of your business which do not fall under your core competencies off you, and ultimately save your company costs while providing the best value possible.

But, how do you know if you are getting the best deal from your outsourcing vendor, and more importantly, how can you tell it is time to substitute your current vendor for one with better capabilities?

Here are some reasons to change your current outsourcing vendor;

High Staff Turnover: Staffing should be unique to the needs of an organization as opposed to generic staff recruitment from a database. If your outsourcing company has failed to tailor the specific skills of outsourced staff to the needs of your organisation a number of times, thereby causing you a high staff turnover, it’s safe to conclude they are doing a bad job and should be replaced by a more competent vendor.

Incompetence of Outsourced Employees: Outsourced employees who are lacking in the key skills required to function optimally on the job end up producing a drop in performance of in-house staff. If your vendor continually outsources inept staff to your organization, it’s time to make a change.

Poor Communication Skills: Many companies complain about the poor communication skills exhibited by their outsourced staff, which hinders the effectiveness of their teams. You should change your vendor if they have a history of recruiting staff who display bad verbal or written communication skills.

Outsourced Staff’s Inability to Provide Expert Support: The strategic initiatives of the company may not get the required support from outsourced employees as a result of inadequate training and orientation. The reason you opted for outsourcing was to ease your burden in certain aspects of your business and help you focus on your areas of expertise; and if your outsourced staff cannot provide that support, then you should seriously consider letting them go.

Ineffective Management of Outsourced Staff: An outsourcing organization which lags in its responsibility to track and manage the welfare and performance of their outsourced staff isn’t worthy to handle any aspect of your business.

Hidden Charges: If you find that you are consistently paying above what was initially stipulated and agreed upon to the outsourcing company due to hidden costs, then you are most likely being exploited and should consider severing ties with your vendor and hiring a more credible one.

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