Are you looking for a management consulting firm that will help you;

as-a-management-consulting-firm-we-help-you-formulate-and-implement-business-strategy-and-execution-planFormulate and implement your fit-for-purpose business strategy and execution plan?

our-business-management-consultancy-service-helps-you-design-your-organisation-and-put-in-place-the-right-structureDesign your organisation and put in place the right structure that helps you effectively execute your strategy?

our-management-consuting-service-involves-the-development-of-the-right-principles-to-help-your-businessDevelop the right management principles, policies, processes, and procedures to help you standardise your operations, scale your business and ensure it works whether you are there or not?

our-management-consulting-service-helps-you-build-capabilities-required-to-win-in-businessIdentify your critical roles and help you build the management capabilities required to win in the marketplace?

our-business-management-consultancy-service-helps-you-design-your-organisation-and-put-in-place-the-right-structureDesign and execute a well-orchestrated business rhythm and discipline that enables your organisation to excel at getting the right things done?

we-offer-management-consulting-services-that-involve-implementation-of-a-corporate-performance-and-execution-management-systemDesign and implement a corporate performance and execution management system that ensures you are paying employees for performance and not attendance?

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Schedule Your Consultation

We will have a free consultation with you
to understand exactly what your business management needs are.


Develop a Custom Plan

We will co-create a fit-for-purpose business plan that meets your business management need.


Achieve Your Desired Success

We take your business through an end-to-end transformative process, help you rediscover your rhythm,prepare and get ready to handle
growth complexities as they arise.


Strategic Business Planning Retreats

The rapidly changing and competitive nature of the business environment needs leaders to act decisively in articulating and achieving their business goals. As a management consulting firm, we help you identify your blind spots and ensure you make the right choices on where to play and how to win in order to achieve your true potential.

People, Structure & Systems Management

Our management consulting service involves helping business executives access the right talent, build a lean and agile organisational structure, measure employees’ abilities and validate the organisation’s readiness to drive competitive advantage and consistent growth in today's business environment.

Corporate Performance and Execution Management

Today’s business environment is unforgiving. Our CPEM offering equips you to grow your revenue and outperform the competition by increasing performance through increased efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation’s key operations.

What Makes Us Different.

We Take A Holistic


We know that prescription without diagnosis is malpractice, which is why we perform extensive diagnosis on every area of your organisation to truly understand your specific needs.

We Are Result

We do more than just take action for our clients; we are committed to partnering with them for results. When you choose Workforce Group, you have a partner dedicated to your continued success.

We Have A Proven
Track Record

With over 15 years of experience as an HR and business management consulting firm in Nigeria, we have provided dependable solutions to some of the most successful corporations in every major sector across Nigeria and beyond. Many of our clients from the very beginning still count on us to this day.

We Manage Complex

No HR or business management consulting project is too big or too complex. Whether it is strategy articulation, designing the right structure and organisational shape, filling and developing multiple roles or building policies, processes and procedures. We handle it all from startup to success and everything in between.

we-have-the-best-HR-and-business-consultants-in Nigeria
We Have The Best HR and Business Consultants To Meet Your Needs

You can be rest assured that your organisation is in good hands. With 120 consultants employed full-time and more than 7,000 outsourced associates in various organisations in Nigeria - Workforce Group's team has extensive industry experience, exposure to the best in the field and the right education to provide the business solutions you need.

we-have-business-minded-consultants-who-take-the-initiative-to-innovate-in-serving-the-needs-of-businesses-in Nigeria-and-beyond
We Are Business People
Serving Businesses

We have the experience and resume of an established business with the orientation, drive and flexibility of a start-up. Our competent, committed and contributing workforce diligently take the initiative to innovate in serving the needs of our clients.

What some of our
clients have to say.

Your session of Good to great at our Learning and Development Series has been one of our well-attended sessions, and feedback from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive.

Olukemi Onabanjo

Olukemi Onabanjo

Group Head, HR and Admin OVH Energy Marketing

Workforce Group delivered an excellent Leadership/Management Retreat for our organisation tagged: “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done”. In addition to excellent facilitation skills, the evaluation of our company’s performance was unprecedented for us but has given our senior management team reasons to deeply reflect on our performance from inception to date and are presently evaluating ourselves to position OERL as a world-class company.

Benjamin Ogbadu

Benjamin Ogbadu

HR and Admin Manager Oriental Energy Resources Limited
7 Reasons Why
Strategy Execution Fails

If you're like most executives we know, strategic success is your biggest concern and you have a burning desire for your business to perform much better this quarter.

Failure is clearly not an option, so how do you ensure you success spectacularly with your business strategy?

Do you ever wonder why your flawless strategy doesn’t seem to translate to flawless execution? Learn how to execute better by downloading this FREE guide.

Don't let the COMPLEXITIES of today’s rapidly changing marketplace CAUSE you to FAIL

As a management consulting firm, we understand that, as your business grows, your organisation starts to outgrow its initial systems, processes and people capabilities.

As strange as it sounds, this growth creates complexities that have the power to destroy everything from the inside out.

Unless you take action.

Sure, you could struggle to fix things on your own. You may be able to see the problems, but face it, you probably can't make effective changes on your own. What you need is a guide, someone who has been there before and has the experience and expertise to help you.

Don't spend another quarter burnt-out and imprisoned by your business complexity, schedule a consultation today.

About Workforce Group

We Help You Solve Your People and Business Problems


We help Businesses do more with less and succeed by outsourcing their non-core activities to us.

& Assessment

Hire the right people for your business success. We help organisations find, assess and select top talent.

Market Entry

We help multinationals expand their global footprints and effectively scale their operations into Nigeria.

Tech Recruitment

Hire the best Tech Talent for your business success. We help businesses identify, screen and hire top Tech Talents.

Learning &

We develop and deliver learning solutions that improve employee performance and deliver business results.

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